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Martina Phillips

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Martina Phillips

A little bit about Martina Phillips

I'm Martina Phillips, a nutritional therapist.. I am not a vegan, paleo or raw foodist as I don't like to subscribe myself to a specific diet.. Diet doesn't need to be complicated!!. My aim is to educate clients to understand their bodies and how they can become the healthiest versions of themselves.. Having spent years being ill, I really appreciate just how precious good health is and feel so privileged to have regained my health through proper nutrition and now I feel I am in a position to support others going through similar experiences.. I believe:. Don't wait till you are ill, get healthy today so you can prevent it.. Being skinny isn't necessarily healthy, and not eating doesn't get you anywhere but unhealthy.. Fats do not make you fat, they are an important part of our macro nutrient intake.. Most of us are overfed, but starving of nutrients.. The food industry don't always have our health in mind.. Functional testing is so important for optimal wellness, to find out what's really going on in the body.. Health is not just what you put into the body, but also how you live your life, think and breathe.. No two people are the same, so no two diets should be the same, we all have different nutritional needs.. All areas of our life have an effect on your health; sleep, stress, exercise, food, environment etc.. The gut is the seed of all health.. Eating healthy is a life change, not a quick fix weight loss diet.. There is a way everyone can achieve optimum health, health is not about deprivation counting calories, weighing food or dieting.. In simple terms: Health is wealth, gives us tools to live life with purpose and gratitude.. Nutrition is a therapeutic approach which helps to find underlying root problems and optimises nutrients to support the body's balance. As we age our body needs even greater nutritional support to prevent any future ailments. By studying nutrition, I opened the doors to my nutritional understanding which is invaluable not only for my health but the health of my closest family and other family members.. Understanding the function and health of our gastro-intestinal tract is really important is supporting our general health. There is certainly the truth in saying that: 'our gut is our second brain'. My passion lies in understanding each individual's gut health and the connection with certain medical conditions. I approach each person individually because our gut health is personal to us and no two people have the same population of intestinal bacteria, stomach acid, enzymes etc. There are many alternations to our gut caused by our modern lifestyle. I use testing to assess the GI Tract so each client can see for themselves what's happening on the inside of their body and what may be the connections with the presenting symptoms.. The gut is all where it starts, cells in your gut talk to the rest of your body and if they pass the wrong chemical messages, our bodies are not well balanced and myriad of symptoms may develop.. I feel there should be a strong relationship between complimentary/alternative and conventional medicine. Both approaches should go 'hand in hand' when supporting people and their medical and personal issues. I feel, it's important to work alongside GPs to get the desirable outcome for people.


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  • Martina Phillips
  • Opening hours
  • Please visit my website where you can book a free 15 min consultation with my online diary.
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - Following 3 years of study at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in Birmingham, I qualified as a Nutritonal Therapist. At CNM I was trained in the principles of functional medicine, a science-base method that assesses the underlying causes of symptoms.; The course was very in-depth with a particular focus on nutritional science. During the 3 years of study I had the privilege of being lectured by some of the world's leading figures in Nutrition, as well as taking part in over 200 hours of clinical practice.; I am fully registered and insured practitioner with the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).; I regularly attend conferences, seminars and subscribe to medical journals to keep up-to-date with the very latest in nutritional research.
  • Fees
  • Free 15 minute telephone conversation where we'll discuss how nutritional therapy can help in supporting any presenting symptoms.
    Initial consultation (£85), lasts approx. an hour, where we'll dig deeper into presenting symptoms, we look at all body systems and how they can contribute to the presenting symptoms, we look at current dietary patterns/lifestyle and create an achievable wellness plan.
    Supporting emails are included between the initial consultation and the follow up if there are some uncertainties (up to 2 emails enquires).
    Follow up consultation (£55), last approx. 30 minutes, where we'll discuss achievements, compliance and challenges with the initial plan and how we can move forward or there is an option of buying a package for £175(this includes 1 x initial consultation and 2 x follow up). The package option is the most popular and is also the most successful in helping clients attain their desirable results. The package can be spread over 3 months which helps motivate clients to become committed to new lifestyle changes and achieving long term results.
    My main aim is to talk to people and to spread awareness about healthy food and lifestyle.
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