Milda Zolubaite in Somerset England

Milda Zolubaite

Somerset, England, BA1

Milda Zolubaite Disordered & Emotional Eating Specialist

A little bit about Milda Zolubaite

Are you tired of feeling out of control around food?. Fed up of not being able to stop with only one piece of chocolate?. Wish you had 'normal' relationship with food, in any situation?. If that sounds like you, you're not alone!. My name is Milda and I help women beat bingeing, disordered eating, emotional eating, and food obsession by helping create physical and emotional balance, so they can enjoy food freedom and take back control of their lives.. I offer nutritional coaching and step-by-step support in changing your relationship to food, restoring metabolism and health. Whether you experience yo-yo dieting, binge- eating or compulsive overeating, I'd love to support you. Plans are tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle, as there are no "one size fits all" solutions.. After my own journey with binge eating, I have completed my training as a Nutritional Therapist in the College of Naturopathic Nutrition (CNM) in London, Master Practitioner in ED, having trained with the National Centre for ED (NCFED) and NLP practitioner and set out on a mission to help support women in getting out of the vicious cycles around food. Always keen to improve my knowledge I regularly attend seminars and education events to keep up to date with the newest research.. Whether you struggle with emotional eating and "sugar addiction" or you have a diagnosed ED such AN, BN or BED, nutritional support and guidance could be instrumental in your journey. Depending on your case, I often work as a team with a trained ED counsellor to make sure you are as supported as possible.. I offer FREE discovery calls if you feel unsure where to start or would like to know more how our work together would look. To book, head over to I am currently taking on new clients online.. What my clients say:. I have been lucky enough to work with the incredible nutritional therapist Milda. In just two sessions Milda has helped me see where so many of a lifetime of eating problems have come from and how they have manifested. This week I literary cried with relief at the thought of being excited to go to the market and not avoid the lovely smells and sights in the food quarter and actually buy and something and enjoy it free from fear. This is such a big deal for me.. Anna, 37, Frome. When I came to Milda I was at risk of being admitted to hospital with AN. I was scared to take the first steps and admitting that I had a problem was hard. However, due to our work together I feel much healthier and think about food less, am more productive and confident with my own choices. Plus, I advanced in my career, which I don't think I could have done previously, given my restrictive habits.. Lydia, 31, Wiltshire. I was binging and purging every day and had no tools or way to stop it. I was in a constant cycle of self-loathing and left that there was something wrong in my brain that could never be fixed. I had an ED for all of my teenage years and into my early 20s, so it was all that I remembered. I had gone to so many therapists through the years and I was nervous it wouldn't work again.. I have found the sessions incredibly helpful and I was building my skills at a pace, that really worked for me. I am able to overcome different scenarios when my eating becomes disordered and even if I have setbacks, I know what to do and how to bring myself back on track.. Karen, 27, London


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  • Milda Zolubaite Disordered & Emotional Eating Specialist
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  • Available Monday- Friday
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  • My Qualifications - DipNT(CNM); BA Hons Degree; Full member of BANT; Registered with CHNC; NLP practitioner; NCFED- Master Practitioner Diploma: Eating Disorders and Obesity; NCFED- Excellence in Practitioner Skills For Eating Disorders; NCFED- Essential Obesity- Psychological interventions; NCFED- Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders; Member organisations; Accredited register membership
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