Deborah Warner in Solihull England

Deborah Warner

Solihull, England, B94 5LS

Deborah Warner RNutr. BSc (Hons). MSc.

A little bit about Deborah Warner

With specialist research in gut health, weight control, optimising diet during illness, diet and mental health conditions, sleep & stress, blood sugar control and genetic analysis for personalised nutrition.. I believe we should spend as much time, money and energy on taking care of the inside of our bodies as we do on the appearance of the outside of our bodies. People seek nutritional advice for a variety of reasons; whether to manage an existing condition and be as healthy as they can be within the parameters of that condition, to address possible diet related symptoms such as bloating, improve sleep problems and stress, or to take control of their weight and health.. I provide 'personalised' nutrition planning and education, I don't hand out 'one-size-fits-all' diet sheets. There is no point in giving people a diet to follow that is not sustainable for them or right for their own body. Taking back control often isn't a quick fix, and only works when you are ready to make it work, but it doesn't have to involve immediate and dramatic changes to your cooking habits, diet and lifestyle. In fact, this approach usually doesn't work because there is always an excuse to 'put it off until…'. I don't sell products or supplements, so this means my advice is not based on a desire to profit from product sales. My advice is impartial and derived from evidence based science only and not the latest celebrity or social media fads. My mission is to help you to feel fabulous from the inside out, to find your own personal balance. This balance is very different from person to person based on their genetics, environment, lifestyle and the resulting way in which they absorb and metabolise nutrients.. Where appropriate, I can run non-invasive tests to determine any deficiencies, genetic pre-dispositions to nutrient metabolism and bioelectrical impedance analysis.


  • Personal Quote/motto:
  • Deborah Warner RNutr. BSc (Hons). MSc.
  • Opening hours
  • Weekdays only 9am until 5pm with some late evenings. Please enquire for availability.
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) - Association for Nutrition - Nutrition Scientist and Public Health Nutritionist; "Protecting the public and promoting high standards in evidence-based science and professional practice of nutrition"; BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition (First Class); MSc Genomic Medicine - University of Birmingham; Associate lecturer in Human Nutrition at University of Worcester; Corporate presenter on topics of Human Nutrition for health and well-being; CPD's at Royal Society of Medicine; Roles of sleep and circadian rhythms in the origin and nutritional management of obesity and metabolic disease; Female health and performance; Nutrition myths and controversies; Diet, nutrition and the changing face of cancer survivorship; Diet and Weight, impact on mental health and psychological wellbeing; Research at Institute of Cancer Science - University of Birmingham; Member organisations
  • Fees
  • First consultation, including pre-appointment assessment, full report, dietary analysis, bio electrical impedance analysis -around one and half hours - £135.00
    Follow-up appointments, usually 45 minutes - £50
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