Read about our social purpose here

Read about our social purpose here

SimplyBreeze is here to make health and wellness easier. Easier to find, easier to book, easier to provide. 24/7. Anywhere in the world. We're starting small, but we're growing quickly and ethically. We're clear that as we grow, we want to help our communities grow with us. 

Our social promises

We give free access to our platform and donate 5% of our yearly profit to charities. But we couldn't do any of this without our partners. So every year, it's our paying partners that choose with us who we donate to.

At least 5% of our professional memberships are given, for free, to providers from underrepresented communities. We personally understand and have experienced structural racism, and we want to do our part to help level the playing field.

Every decision we make is made in the best interests of our users, communities and the environment. We buy from sustainable sources, we've set up to be remote from the beginning and we're are always looking for ways to cut down on our waste.

We're starting by offering free listings. But as we grow and deliver our full product, we'll be offering unique, minimal cost, no risk memberships to help parents, carers and others get back into work. However, and whenever, they want.