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Anthony Jackson

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Anthony Jackson

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Here's the Dilemma…. Most people want to be slim, toned, energetic, healthy and feel good on a daily basis however it's so difficult to maintain in today's hectic fast moving society, we are being constantly bombarded from every direction on what to eat, how to eat, what is healthy, what is not healthy, we should not eat or drink this or that. We also have so much choice and diversity of food and drink, not to mention all the convenience food available.. Take a moment to think about the following…... Do you go from one weight loss diet to another only to end up back where you started?. Are you struggling with fatigue, sleep and/or other health related issues?. Are you confused by all the conflicting nutrition and weight loss information you hear?. Do you feel stuck, discouraged, and hopeless?. Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, perhaps with your weight and health in general?. Let's do something about it together?. I completely understand where you are with these very serious issues because I was in exactly that situation, over weight, experiencing health, sleep and anxiety issues, self-conscious and feeling low about myself until he made a decision to do something about it. Maybe that is where you are right now?. It's been an exciting journey for me which has led to me losing over 50 pound in body fat weight, gaining great lean muscle, eradicating my health issues and create that lifestyle i so desperately wanted.. Today being a fully qualified alkaline and living food nutritionist, my mission is to simply help and educate others through Good Living Nutrition and Wellbeing.. I am here to help you so why not contact today me for a strictly private and confidential no cost initial consultation.


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  • My Qualifications - BSc (Hons) & Diploma College of Living Nutrition; 4th year student of advance Diploma in Living Nutrition; FNTP & CMA Accredited.; With over 4 years experience my mission through Good Living Nutrition is to assist clients to:; A S P I R E; Aspire means: to direct ones hopes or ambitions towards achieving something; My unique Good Living Programme is designed to inspire and work with those who want to improve their health and wellbeing. Whatever your pain or challenge, I will work with you to find the root cause, implement the required solution and support you on that journey of transformation to the life you desire and deserve.; If your pain or challenge is weight reduction or gain, to overcome disease or discomfort, a complete lifestyle change to enhance your daily living or you are already at peak performance and wish to improve, the Good Living Programme can work for you.; My mission is to work with you to:; Analyse the pain; Specify the problem; Prescribe the solution; Investigate further; Refine where required; Extend the solution to lifestyle; Member organisations
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