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Fleur Brown, Dip ION (Distinction).MBANT, CNHC

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Are you looking for a nutritional therapist with particularly interests in gut health and chronic disease including on-going gut problems, auto-immune disease and blood sugar health problems ?. These are areas that I have specialised in over the 26 years I have been in practice and have helped thousands of clients resolve their health problems using the principles of Functional Nutrition.. Imbalances in the gut can often be a contributory issue with many health issues including auto-immune disorders and other chronic unresolved health conditions. Therefore I have developed a keen interest in helping clients with these conditions, often if appropriate, by focusing on the health of their gut... Having a great interest in food, cooking and eating delicious food and then realising the importance of how food can affect health including improving gut problems, I trained at the renowned Institute For Optimum Nutrition, under Patrick Holford over 25 years ago and qualified with Distinction. Since then I have helped many thousands of clients to improve their nutritional status, vitality and health.. I am a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine in London and a member of The Institute For Functional Medicine. I am registered with the British Association For Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), the professional body for Nutritional Therapists, which has strict Codes of Practice and Ethics. I am also registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) which is endorsed by the Department of Health.. I have a busy practice in Tunbridge Wells where I see clients in with a diverse range of health issues and help them to improve their health, using the tools of Functional Nutrition.. Also, having had issues when younger myself, I also have a great interest in pre-conceptual care and helping with enhanced fertility.. Getting Better With Functional Nutrition?. Over the years I have studied and fine-tuned a new approach to helping my clients to improve their health. This approach explores the wide range of possible contributory factors including nutritional and lifestyle factors, that may be causing my clients' health issues.. This involves assessing their diet most importantly and depending on what health problems they have, it also may involve assessing their stress levels, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, digestion and absorption of nutrients, possible food intolerances, lowered thyroid function, and very importantly, their gut function.. Therefore, I often use functional tests done through professional laboratories, to help discover what is contributing to their illnesses. These tests could include blood tests (often done via their GP's), stool tests, breath tests, urine tests, food intolerance tests, hormonal tests and gluten sensitivity screening to name a few. Many tests can be done easily from the comfort of your home.. Working with my clients using this approach has enabled them to take charge of their own health, so that they start to regain their well-being and get back on the road to living a full life - with renewed energy and vitality.. Consultations. The first consultation is in depth and will take upto 1+ 1/2 hours. This is where we establish the areas we need to investigate or change, and where we can determine if you need any tests that may be appropriate.. Once we establish what factors are contributing to your health issues, you will be given a detailed and personalised eating and supplement plan, and lifestyle guidance as necessary.. All my clients get a shopping list and recipes (I have over 600 recipes I have personally devised or adapted on my database) to help them cook delicious, quick and easy but healthy meals that they can take pleasure in eating on their journey back to good health.. All follow up consultations take 1 hour and are used to monitor progress.. I regularly keep myself updated with the latest leading edge research in nutritional therapy and functional medicine by attending seminars and conferences so that I can help clients by using the most up to date, expert knowledge.. What to expect:. Identifying the possible contributory factors to your health problems. Identifying and countering reactions to commonly eaten foods. Using functional diagnostic tests through professional laboratories or via your GP as relevant. Improving digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Correcting nutritional deficiencies or excesses. Devising individually tailored supplement and dietary regimes. Encouraging good life-long dietary and lifestyle habits. Providing you with comprehensive guidance and support to help maximise your programme, such as menu plans, shopping lists and recipes.. Most of my clients come to see me through personal recommendation from friends or family who have been successfully treated by me through a nutritional therapy programme.. If you would like to find out more about how I can help you with your health problems, please call me on 01892 616621. This will help you assess whether seeing me for a nutritional programme would be appropriate for you.


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  • Fleur Brown, Dip ION (Distinction).MBANT, CNHC
  • Opening hours
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - I qualified with Distinction from The Institute For Optimum Nutrition over 25 years ago and have helped many thousands of clients to improve their nutritional status and health since then. I regularly attend seminars and conferences presented by leading edge researchers to help keep me updated with the latest research and enhance my nutritional knowledge.; I am a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine in London and a member of the Institute For Functional Medicine.; Author of the recently published Beat Chronic Disease - The Nutrition Solution. Available to p purchase on Amazon and Hammersmith Books' website. See below.; Member organisations; Accredited register membership
  • Fees
  • 1st Appointment - £ 165 - allow up to one and a half hours for this initial appointment. This consultation will be in depth to begin to gather information about and explore the underlying causes of your health issues. I will cover family history, the duration of your health issues, possible triggers (past health issues, environmental issues, medications), your current diet, sleep patterns, exercise, stress levels, relationships etc. i.e. the foundation lifestyle factors. Appropriate functional tests may be recommended to help this process via your GP and private laboratories.
    A personalised nutritional programme will be given to you either at this appointment IF further investigations are not necessary or at your second consultation after test results are available and analysed as part of your nutritional programme. The initial consultation fee includes reviewing any test results/consultant reports you may have and analysing all test results you have undertaken as part of this first appointme
    Follow up appointments : £ 85 - allow up to one hour for this appointment.
    Any relevant tests (other than those that can be done by your GP) are extra as are any supplements that may be an essential part of your nutritional therapy programme.
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