Mrs Dan in London England

Mrs Dan

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
London, England, W1G 9PF

Mrs Dan JIANG, MM (China)

A little bit about Mrs Dan

Ms Dan Jiang gets her TCM with a systematic western medical training in Beijing university of Chinese Medicine and gains her master medical degree there; She starts to practice Acupuncture & TCM in UK since 1991 and has been treating more than 10 thousands of patients in Whittington Hospital as a acupuncture supervisor for students in Middlesex University and private clinics in 10 Harley street London and Sheffield.. She applies an experienced TCM treatment following with menstrual circle to support ladies with infertility for making a successful result. She is also good at treating ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gastrointestinal diseases; Stress / Depression /Anxiety, Cancer Support and wide regions' diseases which patients can't get satisfactory diagnosis and treatment in the conventional medical system. Due to her stronger training back ground and experience, she can be competently using TCM' s perspective to review these diseases and find a suitable method to sort out it. She is also involved with Gynecological researcher team to do clinical researches to prove TCM's role on fertility's support and many women's health problems. She has published more than 30 professional papers on her summaries to treat the comment diseases in the West by acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.. She is also a member of British Acupuncture Council.


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  • Mrs Dan JIANG, MM (China)
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