Melody Coleman in London England

Melody Coleman

Personal trainer
London, England

A little bit about Melody Coleman

About. Hi, I'm Melody, founder of the BodyProject.. It took me years to go through a trial-and-error process in my own training. I've been getting stronger and fitter, building my flexibility, honing my movement skills, but most importantly beating my injuries.. I know how hard it can be to plateau in training, and I know how frustrating injuries and other setbacks can be. I also know that by taking the ground-up approach I use with all of my clients, you can surpass all of these issues with relative ease.. As a result of years of research, learning, and experience, I have paved the way for people like YOU to get the results you deserve.. I have had unbelievable success with clients across the board: from those new to training to competitive athletes. By improving your movement, you can get fitter, stronger, faster, and better, quicker than ever before and with a much lower risk of injury. This process works particularly well when it comes to rehabilitating from niggles and injuries too.. I am hugely passionate about what I do, and what I am able to do for people. Book in a consultation with me today to find out what benefits you could see.. I look forward to meeting you!. Mel


  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • Level 3 Personal Training Qualification
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