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Kimberley Neve

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Kimberley Neve, MSc, ANutr - Weight Management Specialist

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I have always been passionate about food and know what it's like to struggle with weight. I also know what it's like to receive nutrition advice from someone who has never experienced how difficult it can be not to obsess about food!. It has taken me years to build up my approach, which I've based on real experience, the importance of wellbeing, and education - not only the nutritional science, but research into everything that's working against us and making it harder to maintain a healthy weight. I want to help others to escape the restrict-binge-feeling awful diet cycle and feel genuinely happy again.. I offer one-to-one coaching, taking a holistic approach so that all aspects of your life work together in a way that makes you both healthy and happy.. Consultation options:. 1) Weight Management (without restrictive dieting) - working on disordered eating or unhealthy eating habits for an individualised plan to help you have a healthier relationship with food and achieve your goals.. 2) Nutrition check-ins for specific concerns, like going vegan, or to check how to optimise what you do already.. 3) Meal planning, recipe ideas and shopping tips to help optimise your nutrition and make your life easier, healthier and happier.. Send a quick message now, or check out my website for more information!. Testimonials. Dietary Advice for Specific Concerns. Working with Kim was refreshing! She has so much knowledge and expertise, yet her support is grounded in compassion and reality. She provided me with practical advice that I could apply to my everyday life without drastic changes, and she was able to explain everything in a way that made me feel empowered to take action.. I've received advice in the past from nutrition and fitness experts that felt condescending or too extreme for my lifestyle; Kim listened to my needs and goals and thoughtfully addressed my questions, and most importantly, we developed a plan that I am already implementing!. Liz, 36. August, 2020. Weight Management. Working with nutritionist Kimberley over the last few months has given me a new perspective.. Strangely while my total aim from the outset of our counselling sessions has been to lose weight I am very grateful to Kimberley for giving me something closer to a new outlook on life.. That's a very big thing but like so many of those milestones you don't notice the changes while they're happening you have to stand back.. Some of the changes I've made have been little food changes, some have been the way I organise my eating. However, a number have been about thinking about myself and my life differently.. Kimberley really listens to me and is supportive and constructive. When she suggests the next steps they are measured so that you don't feel overwhelmed.. I also appreciate the fact that they are relevant to what we've been talking about and are never part of a template programme such as one you might find in an online package.. I am still a work in progress and I have to admit I still want to lose weight but Kimberley has taken that frenzied frustration out of my daily life and given me a variety of tools to pick on when I feel the panic rising.. I can't thank you enough Kimberley!. Carol, 62. October, 2020. Meal Planning, Recipe Ideas and Shopping Tips. I was really happy with my consultation with Neve nutrition. Beforehand I was absolutely lost in the many contradictory messages about healthy eating coming from all around me, I tended to drift between arbitrary restrictions on my meals and scattered attempts with 'diets' and 'fads'. From the first session my misconceptions and confusions were cleared up, instead of unhealthy restrictions based on hearsay, I was able to prioritise what I would be satisfied with on a day to day basis, and all within the framework of smart and professional guidance for achieving long term health.. Together we got to the bottom of my habits and decided on a possible direction for my daily menu, one that was both smart and healthy, and was something I was comfortable with. Her warm and methodical approach helped me to understand the reasoning behind my future choices, and the sessions felt both enlightening and collaborative, meaning I now have both enough knowledge about, and investment in, my strategy to keep me motivated and interested.. Above all it was fun to talk about my own tastes, the consultation process never stripped out my enjoyment of food, fostering a healthy relationship to my diet that was never available to me in the other places I've looked seeking to lose weight or get fit. And now I have some delicious recipes to try! All in all, I left my first session feeling like I had a handle on how to have a healthier and more fulfilling diet.. Daedyn, 24. August, 2020

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  • Kimberley Neve, MSc, ANutr - Weight Management Specialist
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  • My Qualifications - I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist based in London, registered with the Association for Nutrition (AfN). I have an MSc in Global Public Health Nutrition and also completed an AfN-accredited course in Weight Management Interventions. In addition, I have studied the science of wellbeing with Yale University. When I'm not consulting, I work in research to improve healthy eating policy in the UK.; As a teacher previously, I've worked with a huge range of people in the UK and internationally. I make a point of communicating in a language that makes sense - so I can help you understand what's fact and what's fiction in food and nutrition.; Member organisations
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