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Iman Hassan

London, England, W11 4JU

Iman Hassan BSc Hons/ ANutr/ Personalised Weight Loss Specialist

A little bit about Iman Hassan

ABOUT ME:. I am a registered Nutritionist (BSc, ANutr), certified personal trainer (REPS L3) and founder of the Nourish, Sculpt & Reset (NSR) programme.. MY MISSION:. Help you end the vicious cycle of fad dieting once and for all.. Help you lose weight and find your balance.. Teach you how to protect your results long-term.. MY APPROACH:. I believe we all have a place where we feel most balanced and our best, I use an evidence-based approach to help you find your balance. My clients usually lose up to 1 kg per week but best of all they learn the habits that enable them to protect their results for life.. WHAT TO EXPECT:. The scientifically proven three pillar method I use, can help you:. Shed up to 1 kg of body fat per week. Feel energised and focused. Boost your metabolism. Lower stress and improve mood. Balance your hormones. Address your gut health. Tone and sculpt your body. Reduce bloating. Improve your sleep quality. Free you from the vicious cycle of fad diets. WHY MY METHOD WORKS:. My signature NSR programme is created based on the three fundamental pillars that make up the blueprint for long-lasting weight loss and I tailor each programme to meet the personal goals, needs and requirements of my clients.. WHAT'S INCLUDED IN YOUR PROGRAMME:. A beautifully balanced and tailored nutrition plan to help you heal your body from the inside out, balance your blood sugar levels and optimise your energy levels. Your nutrition plan will be updated regularly so it can evolve with you, you will also be supported to stay on track with weekly nutrition & lifestyle consultations. A personalised exercise plan and optional weekly PT sessions will enable you to learn how to train efficiently, while you lose body fat, tone and sculpt fast and improve your metabolism. As part of your weekly nutrition & lifestyle consultations we will also target your mindset and sleep. I will help you make practical and realistic changes to your lifestyle that have a scientific, as well as feel-good purpose. This part of the programme also helps with balancing hormones, reducing stress and optimising your results.. READY TO FIND YOUR BALANCE?. Let's book your complimentary discovery call TODAY!. *Please note due to the corona virus all programmes are delivered remotely via FaceTime, Viber, Zoom or Skype.


  • Personal Quote/motto:
  • Iman Hassan BSc Hons/ ANutr/ Personalised Weight Loss Specialist
  • Opening hours
  • My normal working hours are 9am- 8pm Monday to Friday, I also offer evening and weekend services, please reach out to me to find out more.
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - Nutrition and Health (BSc); Registered Nutritionist (ANutr); Qualified personal trainer (REPS LEVEL 3); Over 6 years of experience helping clients in all aspects of weight management
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