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Huguette Lelong - Qualified Nutritionist - Global & Realistic Approach

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I grew up in France and have travelled a lot. I've always been curious about local tastes, ingredients, and dishes but my focus has always been around health, whole, and tasty food.. I studied nutrition in Sydney, Australia where I earned an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.. Because I consider each of my clients to be unique, I provide personalised solutions including practical nutritional advice, lifestyle changes, and tasty recipes.. I am not an advocate of fads and fast diets because I believe that changes are good only if you can stick with them.. I love to engage in a long term relationship with my clients.. Whether you only want to know where you stand during a single personalised consultation or want to commit to my 8 or 12-week challenge, I can assure you that our encounter will help you reconnect with real food. Together we can look for healthier and tastier alternatives.. Everyone needs support to achieve his/her goals, I like to see myself as a motivator.. It is easy to lose weight if you eat less, but for how long can you keep that up? Let me help you achieve realistic lifestyle changes in your daily routine.. But don't worry: you'll still be able to have this piece of chocolate or that muffin you like so much. I love my chocolate too! I will not ask you to take food off your diet unless strictly necessary on health grounds.. It's all about your motivation and my passion. Contact me for a free 15-minute phone session so we can decide together what's the best strategy for you!. Huguette Lelong Qualified Nutritionist


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  • Huguette Lelong - Qualified Nutritionist - Global & Realistic Approach
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  • Call me to discuss and make an appointment; Tuesday to Friday and possibilities on Saturdays
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  • My Qualifications - Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine (Sydney - Australia); I keep up with development in nutrition by attending seminars and following academic research.; My best reward: what my clients say about me: (more on my website); A life-changing experience! The best I did for myself in years!; I am writing this testimonial 6 months after meeting with Huguette for the first time. Huguette's personalized approach was exactly what I needed to reach my goals: Feel and look great! I chose the 8-week challenge program as I was fully committed to making changes.; With Huguette's nutritional's knowledge and support, I learned how to make a healthier nutritious choice, and incorporate exercising within a busy working mom schedule. From the get-go, I felt safe and comfortable to be myself, Huguette's approach is professional yet personal which were key to helping me reach my goals.; Since the challenge, I kept good habits and never felt better. My husband, friends, family, colleagues all saw me committed and loving it. I highly recommend everyone to meet Huguette and trust her to help you reach your goals. I will absolutely do it again knowing the impact it had on my life! Thank you, Huguette!!; Huguette is not only a nutritionist but a life coach. She gave me the confidence I needed to reach my goals and live a healthy life in the long term. In addition to her knowledge of nutrition, she was great at listening to me, which brought me motivation and strength. She took into consideration my desires, my lifestyle, and my tastes to customize a nutrition plan adapted to my needs. She changed the way I look at food forever.; I want to thank you so so much for working with me, it's been such a good experience and despite any frustrations, I've felt along the way, you have been so patient and supportive and understanding. I have learned a ton and plan to continue implementing it in the future.; Huguette is an incredibly nurturing practitioner whose gentle approach has given me a lot of confidence to overcome my health issues in a practical and sustainable way. I am grateful for her efforts in understanding my personal situation and providing well thought out realistic solutions. As an avid adventurer, I occasionally fall out of my routine and become imbalanced. However, the tools and professional guidance Huguette provides has enabled me to successfully spring back into the vibrant lifestyle that keeps me fulfilled and able to do all the things that I love!; Your nineteen years old daughter comes home saying that she's gone vegan. Imagine how you feel? Would she get enough nutrients? Does she really know what she needs to eat to implement a vegan diet? So I decided to consult Huguette, a holistic nutritionist, she was very reassuring. She started with a conversation about food with my daughter and then Huguette went over the basics of nutrition and flagged the nutrients that my daughter could potentially miss by avoiding animal products. She then explained how it is possible to have a balanced vegan diet and even suggested some very appealing recipes for my daughter to try out at home. It was a great experience for both of us! I will definitely recommend Huguette to anyone in need of good advice, common sense and guidance about nutrition.; This is the first time I worked with a nutritionist and I can't recommend enough Huguette. Not only she is a very knowledgeable nutritionist but also a good coach. Thanks to her coaching, great tips, and recipes, I lost twice the goal that we discussed. Thanks to her, I have now good and healthy habits and I feel confident that I will maintain my weight. Thank you, Huguette!; I consulted with Huguette because of the very strong migraines I had had for 30 odd years. I'm also allergic to a lot of foods. During our first consultation, I could feel that she was really listening, professional and eager to help. She pointed out some basic facts and asked me to go see a GP in order to run some tests. I discovered that I was celiac; no one had mentioned the possibility before. By removing gluten from my diet I have fewer migraines, my liver feels much better and my digestion has improved greatly. So I would really like to thank Huguette, especially because this journey helped me realize that my daughter too was celiac and Huguette helped us both to rethink our diet. I will never thank her enough because my life really changed!
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