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Charlotte Hunter Perimenopause & Hormones

A little bit about Charlotte Hunter

Registered Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Practitioner. Specialist in supporting perimenopause and midlife hormonal changes.. It is very difficult to have any concept of perimenopause and 'the change' until it slaps you right in the face, whether your hormones are starting to behave badly, or they've gone well and truly feral on you!. I help women in London, Surrey and Sussex navigate their way through the different stages of perimenopause and midlife hormonal changes, for instance with personalised nutrition plans, tests and support.. 'The change' and its preceding years are often burdened by the physical, mental and emotional strain of the body winding down its reproductive machinery.. It's a big deal, to say the least.. In other words, this psychological and physical burden can leave us feeling bewildered, confused, overwhelmed, embarrassed and totally miserable!. You're not over the hill or even past it, furthermore there still a stigma associated with this life stage. It's a sign of getting older, and not only can it be very visible in its manifestation, but you can also definitely feel it happening.. But the good thing is that we are starting to talk about these changes and their impact. It doesn't need to be hidden any more, and there is something you can do about it.. My name is Charlotte Hunter, and I help women going through perimenopause and midlife hormonal changes.. We are unique in every way and our hormones are no different. Our hormones are extremely sensitive and can be disrupted by the slightest physical or psychological influence.. However, your choices for your diet and your lifestyle can absolutely support you through this up and downtime.. What you eat will most definitely affect your symptoms.. By choosing to work with me you will get personalised and expert advice on your diet, which will make all the difference to whether you make it through perimenopause and 'the change' relatively unscathed or not.


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  • Charlotte Hunter Perimenopause & Hormones
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  • Thursday: 8am-6pm; Friday: 8am-6pm; Saturday: 8am-1pm; Occasional evening availability.
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - I became a nutritional therapist back in 2010 when I gained my BSc in Nutritional Medicine from the University of West London.; Since then, I have spent the last 10 years helping men, women and children eat well and be healthy. My firm belief is that food can be healthy and delicious and can support a number of medical conditions and issues.; As women, we know our bodies can be ruled by our hormones – our monthly cycle demonstrates this only too well! But what is less known, is that food can help balance out our hormones and keep us on an even keel, making our conditions and challenges less impactful and more manageable.; I have been a registered and qualified Nutritional Therapist for 10 years, and have spent that time helping my client, use nutrition to support and manage a whole range of challenges and conditions. My focus is now helping women navigate perimenopause.; Background; Original career in heritage retail operations for national museums.; Qualified as a Personal Coach in 2005.; Started my business Charlotte Hunter Nutrition in 2010 focusing on primarily women and children's nutrition and health.; Founded The Nourish & Flourish Club and The Yummy Tummy Club.; Was a Nutrition Consultant for A2 Milk (2017-2019) and now Clinical Support Specialist for Regenerus Laboratories.; I am an expert in functional testing helping practitioners choose the right test for their patients and helping them interpret the results.; Recently worked with Kaliyoga as the expert nutritional therapist on their Midlife Hormone Retreat in Southern Spain.; Qualifications; BA in History and MSc in Heritage Studies; Personal Performance Coach – The Coaching Academy (2005); BSc in Nutritional Medicine – University of West London (2010); Metabolic Balance Practitioner (2011); Functional Medicine Practitioner – Completed Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner Programme. (2016-Present); Member organisations; Accredited register membership
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