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Helen Kempson

Ipswich, England, IP7 6DP

Helen Kempson

A little bit about Helen Kempson

I'm a registered nutritional therapist supporting you to reduce the stress and discomfort of your gastrointestinal problems by creating a personalised, actionable, achievable plan My priority is to help you explore the root of your symptoms and move forward and take control of your digestion - so that your digestion doesn't control you!. Where are you with your symptoms?. You've put up with troubles for months or years, and simply learned to live with it. You don't know where to start with therapies - or tried so many it's become confusing. You've tried invasive procedures, like colonoscopy or gastroscopy, but with no findings. You feel ill, while not being medically ill, so doctors can't see the problems. Or you have a medical condition, such as an Inflammatory Bowel Condition, and the discomfort is exhausting. You're at the end of your tether with no support and nowhere else to turn. Schedule a call. Get in touch with me today to arrange a free initial chat. From there, I'll have a better understanding of your issues, and will be able to explain your most appropriate options moving forward.. What my clients say:. 'Helen was able to offer the expert support, guidance and knowledge I needed. Right from the initial consultation Helen has listened to my concerns with a caring, kind and pro-active approach.. I really feel with the advice Helen provides around nutrition, appropriate supplements, testing and lifestyle improvements I am feeling in control of my digestion and health in general instead of it controlling me.. I would not hesitate to recommend Helen if you are looking to seek support with your nutritional health.. HR, Colchester, April 2019

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  • Nutritionist
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  • Kersey Mill, Kersey
    Ipswich, England, IP7 6DP
    United Kingdom


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  • Helen Kempson
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  • Appointments are available on-line and will be available face to face in Colchester from 7th September.
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - I qualified from the College of Naturopathic Nutrition (CNM) in 2009 after 3 years of study.; I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and regularly attend BANT Supervision groups. I am also registered with the Complementary and Natural Health Council (CNHC); I am committed to continual professional development (CPD) and regularly attend seminars and workshops to update and broaden my knowledge on health topics and functional testing.; Recent CPD includes:; Cancer: Nutritional support before, during and after treatment and beyond (3 day course); Applied Functional Medicine Mentoring programme - covering six modules including Digestion and Food Sensitivities; Female Health: Genetics and Functional Testing; Dysbiosis and Small Intestinal bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO); Organic Acid Testing; Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH testing); Haematology and Blood Chemistry Analysis; Member organisations; Accredited register membership
  • Fees
  • Initial Consultation (90 minutes) £90
    Follow up (60 minutes) £65
    Follow ups are intended to review your progress and agree the next most appropriate steps, as well as support you to stay on track.
    I usually suggest the first follow up after approximately 4 weeks and then after that at regular intervals as needed (usually every 4-6 weeks). The number of follow ups very much depends on the aspect of your health that you wish to work on.
    I am happy to advise you on the range of food intolerance tests available.
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