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Jessica Barfield

Harrogate, England, HG1 1ED

Jessica Barfield, BSc (Hons), PG Dip, MBANT, CNHC - 'Enjoy Nutrition'

A little bit about Jessica Barfield

About Me. When I was 14 years old, I had a Saturday job in a whole-food shop, measuring out flours, grains and spices to customers who taught me all about their delicious and beneficial uses. It started a lifelong interest in nutrition. I'm not sure why I actually went to university to study Economics, because once I got my degree, I knew I didn't want a city job, I wanted to be involved in nutrition. However, life, expectations and paying bills meant that I spent the next few years in a variety of jobs from theatre to publishing to estate agent to carpentry until I eventually ran my own business in London selling original cartoon artwork.. My journey back to nutrition was prompted by the return of my daughter's osteosarcoma after less than a year off treatment. She was diagnosed when she was 12 year old. I had been very passive during treatment the first time around, but the return put me into full battle mode. My daughter jokes that I fought her illness with vegetables, and I did. She had to go through another gruelling round of chemotherapy and operations, but this time, I read everything I could about nutrition to find ways to support her through it. I also wanted her body to recover quickly and well, and for her still growing body to be able to develop as well as it possibly could after the onslaught of powerful chemicals it had to endure. My incredible daughter is now 19 years old and about to leave home to live and study in Sweden. But it was a rocky, bumpy, scary ride.. As a result, my interest in nutrition and its power to protect and rejuvenate was rekindled and I retrained as a Nutritional Therapist on the MSc course at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York (accredited by the University of Middlesex).. I am absolutely passionate about nutrition as a powerful tool not just for maintaining health, but as a therapy to restore lost health. And as it happens, my Economics degree has come in handy after all. It taught me the critical and analytical skills that help me to make sense of the many factors in a complex set of circumstances, such as a range or collection of symptoms, and to be able to analyse them and make connections. With the help of the evidence base, I can then arrive at possible causes and therefore potential solutions.. I call my practice 'Enjoy Nutrition' because I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their food, no matter what their health and dietary needs are. I collaborate compassionately with people to achieve better eating habits that help them optimise their health, but that they can also enjoy.. Consultations. I prefer to see clients for a minimum total of 4 hours which is usually split between 3 and 5 appointments. The first consultation is for information-gathering, the second is to deliver results of researches and discuss how you want to proceed, and further meetings are for following up and planning further progress towards your goals.. Nutrigenomics. I am a trained Nutrigenomics Practitioner and for particularly complex cases I can use gene testing to investigate more deeply, at a biochemical level, what may be at the root of or driving a client's health concerns. From this, a more targeted and specific approach can be identified as a starting point for action.. This service is also for people who have already taken a gene test such as 23andMe and would like some help with interpreting and acting on its results.

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  • Nutritionist
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  • Enjoy Nutrition, 14 Victoria Avenue
    Harrogate, England, HG1 1ED
    United Kingdom


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  • Jessica Barfield, BSc (Hons), PG Dip, MBANT, CNHC - 'Enjoy Nutrition'
  • Opening hours
  • Office Days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, some Saturdays
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - BSc (Hons); Post-Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.; Member organisations; Accredited register membership
  • Fees
  • £190 for 4 hours, usually split between 3 and 5 appointments (see above)
    Alternatively, the hourly rate is:
    £60 for 1 hour
    £30 for half an hour
    £20 for 15 minutes
    Nutrigenomics Assessment (test price not included): £350
    (This includes a one hour consultation)
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