Hannah Scott in Hampshire England

Hannah Scott

Hampshire, England, SO15

Hannah Scott, MHSc - Hum Nut, Adv Dip's - Nut Med, Nat

A little bit about Hannah Scott

Hannah Scott is an accredited, clinically trained Nutritionist and Naturopath.. NUTRITION. INITIAL. Initial consultations take around 60-75 minutes. At the start of the consultation we will talk about your goals and what you would like to achieve. The consultation includes a full health review, including any health conditions you are currently experiencing, and a time line of these. I also conduct an analysis of the diet you are currently eating. The health appraisal is designed to get to the root of any health issues you are experiencing, in order to structure and tailor the right nutritional program for you.. The dietary analysis allows me to put together a treatment program which is achievable and one which you will enjoy, whilst giving you the best results. I take into consideration where you shop, how much time you have, your cooking skills, whether you enjoy cooking, foods you like and your budget. You will be emailed a comprehensive treatment program, including nutrition recommendations for all meals and snacks.. FOLLOW UP. Follow up consultations take 30-40 minutes. During this consultation we will discuss the progress you are making and health improvements you have achieved. I will conduct a review of your treatment plan and make any necessary adjustments to suit your health requirements. I may also add new goals and provide new meals and recipes to try.. Length of time between consultations and the number of consultations you need will depend on your health requirements, and this will be discussed in the initial consultation. We will work at a pace that suits you and support will be available between consultations via email.. NATUROPATHY. Naturopathic consultations focus on a 'holistic' approach to health and treatment programs may include nutrition and nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, lifestyle advice, health advice, meal plans and recipes. They follow a similar structure to Nutrition Consultations (see above).. PACKAGES. Packages are available for weight-loss, ketogenic diet, gut-healing (including a specific vegan gut healing diet) . Click here to find out more


  • Personal Quote/motto:
  • Hannah Scott, MHSc - Hum Nut, Adv Dip's - Nut Med, Nat
  • Opening hours
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am to 7pm, Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 12pm.
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - Master of Science Human Nutrition; Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine; Advanced Diploma Naturopathy; Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine; Advanced Diploma Homoeopathy; Advanced Certificate Nutritional Medicine; Member organisations
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