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Jenni Kiddle

East Sussex, England, BN2

Jenni Kiddle (BsC, Dip ION, mBANT, CNHC)

A little bit about Jenni Kiddle

"My spark is back. I happened upon one of Jenni's leaflets and decided to give her a call - most definitely one of the best decisions I have made. Jenni's support and encouragement were invaluable. Jenni's is clearly committed to help people - she genuinely cares. Big thank you Jenni." - Karen, Herts. I help clients to reconnect to nourishing their bodies, so they can instead fill up on what really matters in life.. I also know it isn't easy to prioritise you. You're busy, and perhaps feel like you struggle to juggle it all. The current state of busy-ness and "noise" of our lifestyles can block our most primal relationship - that with our body.. My approach blends evidence-based nutrition science with gentle coaching, clinical and personal experience to help evoke change at a pace that feels good for you. As food and eating behaviours are often deeply conditioned, I understand working towards sustainable life-long change takes time. I will provide the nutrition science, resources, homework exercises and nutrition counselling, but ultimately, you will decide what is helpful and what goals you would specifically like to work towards. The aim is for you to be able to comfortably manage food, movement and self care habits from a place of compassion and self-love.. It's important for me to incorporate kindness and understanding so that you feel listened to and respected throughout the process. I believe you are the master of your own body, my role is simply to help you unlock that inner wisdom from a compassionate and non-judgemental stance.. My in depth assessment of your circumstances, preferences, needs and goals allows me to create a personalised care plan that meets you where you're at. Often small changes can reap life-changing results. The effectiveness of this, however, is mostly up to you.. We will work in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Using a holistic approach, I explore not only what you're eating but also fundamental factors such as stress and sleep. My aim is to get to the root of the issue, and from here you will receive a unique programme personalised to you with step-by-step manageable changes to diet and lifestyle.. I will support you throughout your programme by helping you identify and overcome any challenges you've faced in the past when trying to address your health difficulties. I am there to motivate you throughout so you can enjoy the improvements in the long term.. I help people who are fed up with dieting; fed up feeling exhausted, who aren't loving their bodies, and who want to reignite their spark.. I think it's important we get to know each other to start, so I offer a 20-minute phone call (for free) where we will discuss your current health situation and whether my programme is fit for you. Book your slot straight into my diary here;.


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  • Jenni Kiddle (BsC, Dip ION, mBANT, CNHC)
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  • To get started, I offer free 20 minute discovery calls to find out more about you and your health and how I can help you achieve your goals. Book your slot here;
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - BsC, Psychology; Nutritional Therapy Diploma at The Institute For Optimum Nutrition; Trained health coach with Zest4Life; Xpert Health trained (diabetes prevention); 3 years experience as a diabetes prevention wellness coach; 2 years working as a representative for a health supplement company; Ongoing Continuing Professional Development
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