Michal Konopko in Devon England

Michal Konopko

Personal trainer
Devon, England

A little bit about Michal Konopko

About. I started my movement health journey in 2008, initially training and practising the sport of parkour. This led me into coaching at Exeter Gymnastics Club and later exploring calisthenics and CrossFit strength training, which fuelled my interest in fundamental movement principals.. I have worked with many well-respected movement specialists, including physiotherapists, gymnastic coaches and sports athletes. I have used this experience to develop an evidence-based training system: the Movement Health Method.. It is a well-structured, research-based training method that focuses on restoring essential human movement patterns, fixing common sports and life (age) related injuries, restoring functional range of motion and improving overall strength and joint health. It is suitable for all, regardless of age or ability. My clients include national athletes, business owners, coaches and everyday people who just want to move better and feel better.. I believe in inspiring people to make a positive change in their lifestyle to move better, feel better and live better, resulting in a healthy body and mind. I can work with you to restore and maintain a high level of sustainable, injury-free fitness for many years to come.


  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • Level 3 Personal Training Qualification; Level 2 Gymnastics Qualification; Nutrition Qualification; Parkour Qualification
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