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Emily Woodward

Derbyshire, England, DE55

Emily Woodward | Nutritional Therapist

A little bit about Emily Woodward

Confused by all of the noise surrounding nutrition advice and don't know what is right for you anymore? I can tell you that I have been there and you are absolutely not alone.. Like many, my road to becoming a Nutritional Therapist was a very personal one. Having battled with gut health concerns for many years in my early 20s, I was advised it was something I'd just have to live with. For years I did just that but at its worst, it was debilitating, embarrassing, and affected my social life. So I began to read and got curious, this couldn't be it could it? Finally, upon seeing a Nutritional Therapist myself, I was better than I had been for years. At that moment I knew this was something I felt passionate about pursuing so I could help others feel the benefits of good nutrition too.. My training enables me to apply nutrition science to promote health and individual care. I use a range of tools to identify and assess potential nutritional imbalances and how these may be contributing to your individual health concerns. By working in this way, it means I am able to offer an approach that is personalised to your unique needs and circumstances rather than trying to apply a 'one size fits all' approach…which ultimately may not be right for you.. Together, we will begin to develop a programme that is personalised to you, safe and achievable. It is really important for me, and for you, that it is a collaborative effort because ultimately this has to work for you, your lifestyle, and the demands placed upon you.


  • Personal Quote/motto:
  • Emily Woodward | Nutritional Therapist
  • Opening hours
  • Tuesday: 9.00am - 4.30pm and evenings; Wednesday: evenings; Thursday: evenings; Sunday: mornings; If none of these times work for you then please do contact me directly to discuss.
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - I am a fully Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, DipION, mBANT, CNHC, having completed my training at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) in London; being awarded a diploma in Nutritional Therapy with distinction.; Alongside my own practice I also work as a Graduate Therapist for ION as part of their wider Nutritional Therapy Clinic.; Member organisations
  • Fees
  • Discovery Call: 30 minutes to help ascertain if nutritional therapy is right for you €“ FREE
    Initial Consultation: 90 minutes €“ £75
    Follow-Up appointments: 60 minutes €“ £55
    I also have a number of packages available to offer you long term support at the best value.
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