Birgitta Pain in Betchworth England

Birgitta Pain

Betchworth, England, RH3 7AS

Birgitta Pain

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I am a fully qualified naturopath nutritionist, passionate about helping people gain optimum health and wellbeing. I work for Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD in Tunbridge Wells and Harley Street but also privately in the Surrey area. I have a special interest in women's health as I myself experienced a number of issues that have been managed through nutritional changes. I see many clients who have to deal with a lot of stress from work, home life or just modern living. I feel it is very important to address this and help the body adapt to the imbalances this can cause from low energy levels, food cravings and low mood.. As well as women I do work with men who have similar issues and also have to deal with today's high level of stress that can have a number of negative effects on the body.. I work on the body as a whole and look for the triggers that can be causing the issues and look at creating a plan to help the body get back into balance through diet and lifestyle changes.. In general, there are lots of benefits from living a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious eating plan, that is designed to work with your lifestyle.

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  • Tillow Barn, Roothill Lane
    Betchworth, England, RH3 7AS
    United Kingdom


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  • Birgitta Pain
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  • My Qualifications - CNM Diploma in Naturopath Nutrition - Distinction; Over 2 years experience working with Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD; Ongoing professional training - immunology, gut health, supplement and functional testing training; Member organisations
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