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Melissa Cohen

9 Weymouth Street, England, W1W 6DB

Melissa Cohen reg. Nutritional Therapist Bsc (Hons), mBANT, CNHC, NLP

A little bit about Melissa Cohen

During COVID 19 and following government guidelines all functional testing is now available either in a finger prick, stool, urine or saliva test couriered direct to your home. Zoom appointments are now available.. Clients see me mostly for stress related conditions including, weight management, adrenal fatigue, intestinal/gut health, thyroid issues, sugar cravings/caffeine addiction, food/chemical sensitivities and dysbiosis also know as leaky gut. My clients are Health Spas, corporates and private individuals I also contribute to articles for The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, The Daily Mirror, Ok Magazine, The Sunday Daily Express Magazine, Yahoo Health and Vitality the Pru Health Magazine.. I am passionate about nutrition, well being and lifestyle. I empower my clients to be the best they can be. I work within the Functional Medicine Model (graduate of the Institute of Functional Medicine) within Nutritional Therapy, which recognises that each person is unique.. Through what we eat, how we think and live can change the way our genetics are expressed and can be a preventive for many of the western diseases to date. An initial consultation will include your goals/symptoms and take you through a full functional health history. This will cover what you eat, how you live, digestion, elimination, hormones, mood, sleep, immunity, detoxification and energy levels .. Initial Consultation includes taking a full functional health history which means taking a comprehensive approach to understanding you as my client. As I work with a consultant doctor, I can review your medical notes with the doctor and provide you with a comprehensive nutritional therapy plan which includes functional foods, whether for weight loss or discomfort, supplements and medical advice from the doctor. Sometimes functional testing maybe be suggested.. Whether you see me once or a number of times, you will receive lots of recipes and a menu plan to suit you and your lifestyle. I create a nutritional therapy plan to fit around your lifestyle.. I am a registered, degree qualified Nutritional Therapist and a a Full member of British Association for Applied Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). This means I am obliged to abide by their strict Code of Ethics. I am fully insured and undertake regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) instructed by my memberships.. Please also visit my Central London Clinic website here:

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  • Nutritionist
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  • Bio Lab, Stone House
    9 Weymouth Street, England, W1W 6DB
    United Kingdom


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  • Melissa Cohen reg. Nutritional Therapist Bsc (Hons), mBANT, CNHC, NLP
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  • Monday-Fridays Saturdays booked in advance (working 1 Saturday per month)
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - I graduated with a Bsc (Hons) degree in Nutritional Therapy in 2011 at the renowned Centre of Nutrition and Lifestyle Management, affiliated with Middlesex University. I am also a graduate of the Institute of Functional Medicine.; I am also a qualified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) which is a powerful tool in helping the client to reach their goal by tapping into habits, identities and beliefs. Especially useful for weight management.; 2012-2014 - Nutritional Therapist for Champneys Health Spa in Tring; 2014 -Present - Created the first menu plan for weight management and health for DNAfit a genetic testing company; 2013-to Present - Nutritional Therapist for Functional Health providing integrative functional medicine in Wimpole Street, London; 2012-to Present Trade as Nutri-light Health providing private clients and corporates Nutritional Therapy and workshops; 2015 - Present - Nutrition Lecturer for the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London; Experience with the following Testing; Genetic Testing for Nutritional Health and Fitness (includes carbohydrate sensitivity, fat sensitivity, dairy intolerance, caffeine sensitivity, detoxification, pre-disposition to low vitamin d and b vitamins, pre disposition to the coeliac gene HLA DQ2/DQ8; Methylation Testing both Genetic testing for the MTHFR gene and analysing how these genes have been expressed through measuring B12, folate and B6 red blood cell.; Genetic profiling for mood disorders and weight management; Stool analysis (parasites, bacteria, digestion, inflammatory makers) using the latest GI Effects by Genova and GI MAP by Invivo (based on DNA for extra sensitivity); Small Intestinal bacteria breath test (SIBO); Cyrex Coeliac and Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity Screen; Food Sensitivities IgG Allergy IgE Blood tests (available London Clinic); Chronic Fatigue Screen (urine and saliva); Stress Testing (saliva, measuring cortisol levels and DHEA); Hormone Panel DUTCH Test incl. stress/sex hormones/vitamins/oxidative stress markers; Full Nutritional Profile (amino acid blood test and urine to check for organic acids); Vitamin D levels (finger prick); Anaemia Panel (available in London clinic); Gut Permeability Test (breath test); H Pylori Test (breath test); Methylation; Magnesium red blood cells (available in London clinic); Coq10 (available in London clinic); Lactate (available in London clinic); Antioxidant Profile (available in London clinic); Toxic Metal Testing; Genetic Methylation Profile; Kryptopyroles Urine Testing; Organic Acid Tests Urine, for mould, bacteria and nutrient deficiencies; Methylmalonic Acid Test (first sign of B12 deficiency) (available in London clinic only); Accounts with all the major functional labs; Member organisations; Accredited register membership
  • Fees
  • Initial Consultation: £230(Central London),
    Initial Consultation: £175 (North London clinic)
    Zoom Consultation: £150 though due to COVID 19 fees can be discussed to enable everyone to access nutritional support
    Weight Management available at £25 per session for 8 booked in advance. Only available after initial consultation.
    Corporate Workshops: price to be discussed
    Consultations within the workplace (discounted corporate price): price to be discussed
    Nutrition Consultancy fees: price to be discussed
    Terms and Conditions
    Payment - payment in advance of consultation
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