Oliver Barnett in 100 Seymour Place England

Oliver Barnett

100 Seymour Place, England, W1H 1NE

Oliver Barnett ND, DIp Nut, MNNA, CNHC registered functional medicine

A little bit about Oliver Barnett

When was the last time that you felt really well? When did you last wake up totally refreshed? When did you complete a day without crashes in your energy or your mood? Where the decision of what to eat wasn't a continual battle? When life didn't feel like never ending stress?. We help clients with various health goals, with unexplained illness being one of our main strengths. We also have a unique approach to dealing with food intolerances and ensuring optimum microbial balance in the gut.. Please call us initially for a free 20 minute chat about your health goals. I am a highly experienced health professional with 10 years practice accomplished. I am a multi-disciplined practitioner using nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, Iridology and functional testing using blood, saliva or urine.. What I am looking for most in sessions with clients is for the client to be able to tell their story as to how their health may have deteriorated.. Initially clients are sent a detailed health questionnaire in advance along with a food diary to fill out. This is emailed back to me in advance of our initial consultation. The initial session lasts up to 75 minutes and towards the end I am able to explain to the patient the reasons why they have their health problem. We then collaboratively agree on a treatment route that fits the patients' individual needs and circumstances.. Clients are provided with a typed report, bespoke food plan, recipes and supplementation programme where required. Lifestyle recommendations and simple detoxification routines are often used as well.. I have helped 1000s of people reach their health goals using this method and then once achieved the focus tends to move to preventative medicine where we can help the client monopolise on gains already made. Please do look at my website to some of the testimonials received along with conditions.. Please take a read through our Google review pages.. Therefore you should ring us today for quick, easy advice to really help your health benefit.


  • Personal Quote/motto:
  • Oliver Barnett ND, DIp Nut, MNNA, CNHC registered functional medicine
  • Opening hours
  • weekdays 0900-1900
  • Training, qualifications & experience
  • My Qualifications - I have trained in Nutrition, naturopathic and herbal medicine. I have done further training in Iridology and mind body medicine.
  • Fees
  • £300 for the initial consultation (up to 75 minutes)
    £150 for follow ups (30 minutes)
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